Racerback Sunset tie dye

Women are on a mountain bike high

Nothing says summer like tie dye tanks.  But these are no ordinary tie dyes!  Made with performance mesh so light you barely feel them and 2 back pockets to stash your stuff.  The best summer women's tank cycling jersey to be found.

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Get outside ladies!  Mountain bike shorts for women that can be worn anytime!  

Moxie's women's mountain bike shorts are the most comfortable shorts you will find to wear on your ride by combining comfort, performance, and style. The contoured elastic yoga waist allows for a comfortable fit that sits just above your hips, keeping everything in place. The woven stretch poly-spandex fabric on our shorts is soft and breathable to keep you cool and comfortable during your ride.

Another great thing about our womens mountain bike shorts is the performance moisture-wicking fabric which allows for you to feel dry and comfortable no matter how hard you are pushing yourself to the finish. This fabric helps to keep you cool, dry, and fresh. The no-chafe seams will protect your skin by preventing irritation from rubbing against thighs or other physical objects.

Our MTB shorts have large pockets with secure toppers allow you to carry your personal belongings safely and securely without having to worry about them bouncing out on the trails.


Philadelphia's industrial districts supported an array of mills and plants whose diversity has scarcely been matched anywhere in the history of manufacturing.  The reputation for producing quality goods has been world renown.   Moxie Cycling is proud to say our apparel is made by the hard-working people of Philadelphia, Pa.  Our collection of women's cycling jerseys, pants and shorts are produced with responsibly sourced,  performance based fabric.  Many pieced are made with recycled fabric and it is our goal to move toward 100%  recycled fabric.

Moxie T-Back Jersey
Moxie T-Back Ovals
Moxie T-Back Purple Love
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Wicked Girl and G-Form Collaboration


We partnered with the leader in performance protective sports gear.  Creating a collection of mountain bike pants and jerseys with protection for the hardest of shredders.  G-Form pads equipped with their patented SmartFlex technology are soft, lightweight, flexible and instantly harden on impact.   Wickedgirl designs are standout in fit and style.  Together we create a game changing collection of cycling gear for female cyclists!