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The Moxie Movement

Moxie Cycling wants you to be on our team. We are creating a nationwide community of female riders that want to compete in local gravel, mountain and/or road races. Whatever your reason is for racing we want you on our team. And we want to hear your story.

The idea is sponsorship for the other ladies that race, not just Pro and top racers. The ladies who are out there killing it on their own. Riding with no teammates and no support. Riding just to finish, to beat your time from last year, to get in shape or for fun. Share on the upcoming dedicated blog, group facebook pages, Instagram and our site.

What we need from you.

Local Team Leader - someone who wants to organize their local group of riders.

Team members - talk about your race schedule, tell us about your race, your training and any events that happened along the way. Other women racers want to hear about your experiences and talk about theirs. Plus tips for better racing, equipment and training practices you might have to share.

What Moxie Can do for you and your team?

We can get the movement going! We know that there are a lot of women who compete in races on their own and would like to be part of a team. And we are here to make it happen.


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