WV Enduro Series

WG Blog 1: WV Enduro Series Race 1: Black Bear

Hello everyone reading this! My name is Riley Pottinger and this is the first blog I will be writing to document my racing and training this year for Wicked Girl. This past weekend I competed in my second enduro race ever. I placed 1st in the women’s pro class as the fastest woman of the day! The night before I was full of nerves but I was able to succumb them by telling myself no matter what I was going to have fun. During the race, on the climbs I was able to rest a ride slow, and every downhill I pushed as hard as possible. The first few stages were harder than anything I’d ever ridden, which intimidated me, but I knew that my skills would carry me through safely and quickly. Training for this race consisted of riding more than 4 days a week, riding hills, xc, and downhill trails. Keeping my fitness in check by riding not only the downs was one of the most important things I did to prepare. This coming weekend, I have the second race of the series at Cacapon, and I am preparing for that by riding a few times this week. Overall, I must say, as a woman new to riding enduro the community is so dope and welcoming, I encourage everyone to try an enduro race at least once!

Riley Pottinger