WV Enduro #2

Greetings to all reading this! This past weekend, I completed the second race of the WV Enduro series at Cacapon State Park. This race had some of the most wicked climbs and bike transfers I’ve ever experienced, with over 3400 ft of vertical gain over the course of 5 stages! The first two stages were very arm pump-inducing, and the last three included a lot of pedaling. I was able to pull 3rd (missing 2nd by less than a second) in pro/open women, competing against factory racers and a well known retired pro rider! I am very stoked with my results seeing that this is the first time competing on terrain like that of Cacapon! My training for this race consisted of lapping climbs and sprinting the descents a few days out of the week before. Coming into the race I was a little less nervous since I had already competed once in the series, and the pre-ride let me know that I was not in any near death situations! Overall, I feel very proud of myself for my performance in this race, seeing that I am still relatively new to the enduro discipline. Again, the community surrounding this sport is incredibly welcoming and amazing and I recommend it to anyone looking to challenge their endurance and downhill skills!