Celebrate Sunshine

Best made plans don’t always work out but there is always a re-do button

As I transition from ski to mountain bike season, I can’t help but reminisce about last season while looking ahead at what goals I may have. Last season my main goal was to ride as much as I could and become proficient on platform pedals. Fitting in riding is not always easy with a husband, two active teenagers, a puppy at the time and a full-time job. The best intention is there but does not always transfer well due to life and sometimes the best made plans don’t work out. The spring rides started out strong and plentiful. If I was short on time, I knew the route I could take for a quick ride. Fast forward to July 4th and an unfortunate situation caused by a combination of fireworks, a scared large sized puppy on a leash held by me and 4 outside steps, stopped any momentum with riding I had due to a shoulder injury. I couldn’t ride again until one time during late fall.

There are two sports I love more than anything: skiing and mountain biking. Each one is fantastic cross-training for the other. The winter came and thankfully I began working at a ski area full time and was able to ski most days. My job is effortless exercise daily and because of it I get into the best shape of the season. If I am not skiing, I am walking miles upon miles around the mountain. But as the snow melted and the skis were put away, I was having difficulty setting goals and starting a training program.

The thing is, I know what I need to do. That motivation button was temporarily stuck. But exercise for me is necessary so being stuck is not a choice. I have been following someone on social media for years and have always seen his posts about his 12-week MTB training program which is a mix of weight and interval training. I decided it is the perfect way to force me back into a routine outside of my work.

Once I purchased the program, I was able to set my goals for this season. In addition to still wanting proficiency using platform pedals, I also want to become healthier and stronger both mentally and physically on and off the bike. I can’t wait to see what this season has to offer and heck maybe I can recruit more women to the sport this year and help them become more confident riders.

Anne Duignan