Some of my proudest moments on a bike have been mentoring and watching women improve their skills. Nothing beats watching them roll in to the end of a ride to celebrate their longest ride, or their fastest ride or simply their most fun ride with a smile on their face!

lisa baynes

Hometown:   Atlanta, Georigia


What is your riding goal for 2021?  Do you have a special race, are you organizing a group ride or learning a new skill?

     If 2020 taught me anything, it was to appreciate every single day and be grateful that I am a cyclist

and I had an outlet for my anxiety, fear, and grief that we all experienced in some way, shape or form.

So, for 2021, I want to keep that momentum going of appreciating each and every ride I take as

painful as some of them have been, I am still grateful that I have the opportunity to do them.
 I have already strapped on some numbers this year and plan to strap on a few more. I may not make

it to the steps at the end, but I’ll make it across the finish line and definitely to the start line,

which can be the biggest challenge for many.  I am always organizing group rides. Road, Gravel and Trail rides. Sometimes I struggle with picking just one for the day. I love so many things about each discipline and every
single ride is a learning experience. I can’t think of a single ride that I didn’t learn something new either about myself as a rider or myself as a person. 
I hope that each time I ride, I learn something new.

I am always trying to improve my skills. The area I could definitely use improvements is mountain

biking and I look forward to watching and learning more about this discipline.


What can you do to encourage more women to ride and enjoy cycling?

     I think all any of us can do is set an example and lead by it. I am not a professional
athlete, I’m decent at best, but I love the sport of cycling and that is enough. If other
women see you out there doing it and loving it, they will hopefully realize it is a sport for
them as well. If they have questions, answer them. If they ask for help, give a little of
your time to return the favor that someone very likely has done for you in the past. Pay
it forward!

Why did you choose Moxie Cycling and Wicked Girl? What is your favorite thing about us? 

        I love that Moxie Cycling/Wicked Girl is owned by a woman, the apparel is designed by
women that ride, for women that ride. The designs are different and stand out and they
are functional.