Women are capable of doing things even if we aren’t perfect at it, and it is okay to take risks and fail.  That we are human and all we need to do is keep trying 

Donna weiser


What is your riding goal for 2021?  Do you have a special race, are you organizing a group ride or learning a new skill?

Have fun riding with friends and traveling to new areas to ride.  Riding in the Rothrock Grit gravel event in June but nothing else planned.  Involved in NICA again as a coach - encourage young women to get in the sport, stay in the sport and have it be a positive experience.

What can you do to encourage more women to ride and enjoy cycling?

I Hook up with a group of friends to ride and laugh with.  Sign up for races and events to be able to ride new areas and set goals.  If not competitive, then just for fun - a race doesn't have to be competitive.

Why did you choose Moxie Cycling and Wicked Girl? What is your favorite thing about us? 

       I like what Moxie/Wicked Girl stand for…women/girls and NICA!  Plus, you have great looking apparel.