Women are capable of doing things even if we aren’t perfect at it, and it is okay to take risks and fail.  That we are human and all we need to do is keep trying 

Donna weiser


What is your riding goal for 2020?  Do you have a special race, are you organizing a group ride or learning a new skill?

My goal for riding this is to get in a couple of races, learn new skills from Lindsey Richter, teach skills to new riders, and co-host group rides by also incorporating skills clinics.

What can you do to encourage more women to ride and enjoy cycling?

I plan on using the group rides and social media to encourage women and girls to join me on group rides along with introducing the skills I have learned from Lindsey.  I also plan on hosting clinics for simple bike maintenance/bike set up and of course a few social events. 

Why did you choose Moxie Cycling and Wicked Girl? What is your favorite thing about us? 

       I like what Moxie/Wicked Girl stand for…women/girls and NICA!  Plus, you have great looking apparel.  



Moxie & Wickedgirl Cycling

424 Walnut Street

Carlisle, PA  17013


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