The Moxie Movement  JOIN THE RIDE

THE VISION:   Our support for women in the industry goes beyond athletes who race bikes.  The Moxie Ambassador team of women's cycling advocates empowering women and shares our dream of getting more women on bikes.   We are looking for like-minded women to JOIN THE RIDE!

THE GOAL:  To increase the visibility of the Moxie brand and products, we have created a program for non-racing riders.  In exchange for Moxie Cycling and Wicked Girl swag our ambassadors help spread the word about our high quality women’s cycling apparel


What the Moxie Ambassadors Receive?

  • 2 jerseys (mix of Moxie and our mountain bike line Wicked Girl Jerseys),

  • 1 Moxie riding skirt

  • 1 Moxie t-shirt

  • 2 pairs of socks.

  • Cycling Jewelry to complete the look (earings, bracelets)

  • 2 headbands

  • Test products to ride and critique (new mountain bike shorts!)

  • Feature on the Moxie Cycling Website and blog


  • Participate in a minimum of ten (10) rides with photos and blog post including location, type of ride, distance and description

  • Photo & bio write up for social media and websites


Program Fee

  • The Ambassador program fee is $100.00  press the button to apply

Moxie Cycling/Wicked Girl Jerseys